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Underground Art in Athens

» Next Stop: Larissis

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) “Stathmos Larissis” on line 2 of the Athens metro, which is connected to the capital’s central railway station features on its platforms works of art by Greek artist Yiannis Gaitis.

Gaitis (Athens 1923-1984) is known for his small figures of men –”little men”- a trademark of his personal style that marked his work throughout his career. Having appeared for the first time in 1967, they gradually grew bigger and converged on a central theme. Since the 70s, their form has become fixed and they have been reproduced constantly and in an impersonal manner, denouncing thus the mechanisms of society.   After 1974, they come in three sizes, in groups and in various manifestations: children’s toys, everyday objects, furniture, fabrics, and were even used in fashion shows and film productions.  Gaitis studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1942-1944) and at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. By the 80s, at the peak of his career, he had displayed his works at several exhibitions around the world. Major retrospective exhibitions of his work were held at the National Gallery of Athens in 1984, the Benaki Museum in 2006 and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki in 2008.


Athens Metro to Resume Airport Route

athens_metro_map3AgDimitrios(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY)  The Athens metro route (Line 3 or “Blue Line”) that reaches the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport of Athens will resume service by the end of the month, after being interrupted for six months to enable construction of three new metro stations on the same line — Nomismatokopio, Holargos and Aghia Paraskevi.  Only the Nomismatokopio (state mint) station is expected to operate at this stage, while the other two stations will be inaugurated at a later date. ATHENS METRO MAP

Metro Extension in Thessaloniki

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Environment, Town Planning and Public Works Minister George Souflias yesterday unveiled the first half kilometre of Thessaloniki’s metro system, and announced the extension of the route to the suburbs and the airport by 2012. The minister referred to the works as “the most significant public transport project currently under way in Greece.” The total estimated cost of the metro project is €1.5 billion.

Athens: New Metro Stations

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The Athens Metro is expected to add ten new stations to its network, and construction is progressing at an intensive pace, Environment and Public Works Minister Giorge Souflias announced last week. The first station scheduled to open, in September, is Nomismatokopeio, northeastern Athens. This is to be followed by new stations at Holargos, Haidari, Peristeri and Anthoupoli, due to be operating by the end of the year. By spring of 2010, four more stations will be operational: Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Alimos and Hellenikon, and finally Agia Paraskevi by summer of 2010. Beginning on February 14, the section between Ethniki Amyna and Athens International Airport will be out of service. There will be a special bus service connecting the stations, as well as a suburban railway route, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Athens Plus (January 30): Metro link to airport to cease on February 14  ( p.7)