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Talks for Fair Play in Athens

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)       Tackling problems concerning ethics in sport, the Council of Europe organised its 11th Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport in Athens on December 11-12. Sport ministers and representatives from 44 countries participating in the conference passed three resolutions to make sport more ethical, autonomous and fair. Doping concerns, hooliganism, the autonomy of sports associations and cross-border crime, were some of the key concerns discussed. UEFA President Michel Platini urged European lawmakers to use bloc-wide liberalisation of gambling to protect football from illegal betting syndicates. Greek Deputy Minister of Sport, Giannis Ioannidis highlighted the necessity for the athletic community to engage in a dialogue so as to confront problems emanating from the lack of moral principles and autonomy. Secretariat General for Information: About Greece-Sports; Secretariat General for Sports: www.sportsnet.gr (in Greek)


Theo Angelopoulos Retrospective / Eleni Karaindrou Concert / International Film Festival in Wroclaw (17-27/7/2008)

Theo Angelopoulos Retrospective was included in the 8th edition of Wroclaw’s International Film Festival, a prominent film event which took place from the 17 th through the 27th of July.

The screening of Greek director’s masterpieces was followed by Eleni Karaindrou concert (on 26th of July, at the Wroclaw Opera House), with compositions for Angelopoulos’ films.

The concert was attended by the Greek Ambassador in Warsaw Pantelis Carcabassis, Theo Angelopoulos, Petros Markaris, writer -who collaborated with Angelopoulos on many screenplays- Festival director Roman Gutek and the film critic Michel Dimopoulos.

After the concert, a reception honoring Theo Angelopoulos and Eleni Karaindrou was held by the Greek Embassy and the Press and Communication Office in Warsaw.

As part of the event, photographer Dimitris Sofikitis exhibited his work documenting Angelopoulos film “The Weeping Meadow”.