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Ancient Vase Returned to Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis on Monday officially presented an ancient funerary urn (“lekythos”) – dating from the 4th century B.C. – at the National Archaeological Museum. The vase had been found in the possession of a Swiss art dealer last year after being illegally exported. The procedure to repatriate the ancient vase was completed last Thursday and in a few days, it will be taken to the museum’s conservation workshops for two months. World Reports: Ancient lekythos returned

Athens: Ιnternational Conference on the Return of Cultural Property

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   In the framework of the activities of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in case of Illicit Appropriation. Addressing the event, Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis emphasised that changes in museum policies and an increase in instances of cooperation for the repatriation of looted artefacts could pave the way for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. , Greece is hosting a two-day international conference titled “Return of Cultural Property to its Country of Origin,” which concludes today at the New Acropolis Museum.  Athens News Agency: Return of cultural property conference; The Restitution of the Parthenon marbles: The Official Greek Position; International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures: www.parthenoninternational.org  (GREEK & ENGLISH TEXT FOLLOWS) Continue reading

Minoan Crete Artefacts in New York

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis inaugurated yesterday the exhibition titled “From the Land of the Labyrinth: Minoan Crete, 3000-1100 B.C.” in the presence of many U.S. and Greek personalities. The exhibition, which will run until September 13, is hosted at the Cultural centre of the Alexandros Onassis Foundation in Manhattan. “Most of the exhibited artifacts have never been displayed outside Greece,” Liapis noted in his inauguration speech, highlighting at the same time the “historic and archaelogical importance” of Minoan civilisation. (ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΕΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ) Continue reading

Ancient Olympia is Ready for the Lighting of the Olympic Torch Ceremony

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) During a visit to ancient Olympia to inspect regeneration work carried out on the site on Monday, Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis said it is ready for the ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic Torch for the Beijing Games, on March 24. The site and especially the surrounding vegetation had suffered extensive damage during the fires that raged across the Peloponnese last August.  “We are ready to receive the Chinese delegation, to hand over the flame in a simple and solemn ceremony,” Liapis said. The area has been rejuvenated with more than 36,000 plants.  (ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΕΙ ΚΑΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ) Continue reading

The New Acropolis Museum in Beijing

(ATHENS NEW AGENCY) Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis addressing the inauguration of the exhibition on the New Acropolis Museum at the Greek Home in Beijing on Tuesday. The exhibition offers rich audiovisual material regarding the new museum’s planning and construction. A replica of the Parthenon’s Western Frieze is also on display (Photo ANA-MPA). Continue reading

Greece returns stolen artcrafts

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY-MACEDONIAN PRESS AGENCY)  Greece returned to Albania two ancient statues which were stolen from the neighbouring country 17 years ago and smuggled into Greece. The first statue is a representation of goddess Artemis, dated second century BC, and the second one of Apollo, from the second century AD. Minister of Culture Mihalis Liapis stated that “the statues were finally returned to their rightful owners”. Continue reading