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Hellenisms from Antiquity to Modernity

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Katerina Zacharia (ed), Hellenisms: Culture, Identity and Ethnicity from Antiquity to Modernity, Ashgate Publishing, 2008. A distinguished group of historians, classicists, anthropologists, ethnographers, cultural studies, and comparative literature scholars contribute essays exploring the mantles of Greek ethnicity, and the legacy of Greek culture for the Greeks in the homeland and the diaspora, as well as for the ancient Romans and the modern Europeans. Given the scarcity of books on diachronic Hellenism in the English-speaking world, the publication of this volume represents nothing less than a breakthrough. Topics explored range from European Philhellenism to Hellenic Hellenism, from the Athens 2004 Olympics to Greek cinema, from a psychoanalytical engagement with anthropological material to a subtle ethnographic analysis of Greek-American women’s material culture. All quotations from ancient and modern sources in foreign languages have been translated into English.