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Enjoy a Movie under the stars in Athens

The arrival of summer in Athens is a big event: the high temperatures and the sweet climate just won’t let anyone stay at home. One of the most popular summer activities of the Athenians, as for back as the early ’50s, is the open-air cinema tradition.
Catching a movie in an open-air cinema means that winter is gone for good. Athens is home of more than 30 open-air cinemas, located on terraces, and gardens or jammed between apartment blocks. “Zefyros” in the beautiful Athenian neighborhood of Petralona, “Thission” in Dionysiou Aeropagitou pedestrian precinct or “Vox”” on a terrace in Exarchia square to name but a few.
The movies that are usually projected are reruns of first-run films from the winter period and remakes of famous classical movies.Watching movies under the starry sky, while enjoying your cold drink is a unique experience and the best choice for the warm summer nights in the city.


Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Three new awards, two much awaited Greek releases, twenty rare cult gems, a Danish pioneering filmmaker and a Polish poet who forever changed the way cinema is experienced are just some of the few surprises the 15th Athens International Film Festival has in store for this year.

Organised by the Athens Film Society, the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights will bring the best of international cinema to the Greek capita, for 11 days, from September 16 to 27. Promoting the work of Greek filmmakers has always been one of the Festival’s main aims.  This year, three new awards have been introduced: An Award for Best First Time Director, Best First Time Actor and Actress.  Regular sections of the 15th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights include: Panorama – a selection of last year’s productions; Midnight Movies, Premiers – the chance to watch some of the coming season’s best features: Cinema on the Edge, documentaries and, short stories.