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Environmental Protection Comes… “NATURA”lly

NATURA(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works Minister George Souflias announced yesterday (June 20) the launch of a new environmental project.   It refers to the purchase of fire protection equipment in order to be used in the regions of Greece protected by the “NATURA 2000” Network.  The programme which is funded in the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework for the environment and sustainable development reaches an overall budget of € 24,540,000.  The NATURA 2000 Networking Programme is targeting at environmental protection and wise use of habitat types and plant and animal species of special value.


Greece: Bird Waching… on Lesvos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The island of Lesvos in the northeastern Aegean is home to 325 bird species and for this reason it is described as the “premier birding destination within the Mediterranean basin.”   The island’s rural municipality of Evergetoulas is a popular destination for birders from all over the world, especially during spring and autumn when there is bird movement.  The gulf of Kalloni is part of “Natura 2000” Network and constitutes an excellent shelter and breeding area for rare and protected species of birds, including flamingos and storks. In Kalloni’s marshlands, from elevated sheltered watchtowers, birdwatchers can enjoy a really impressive spectacle.   Bird watching tours in Greece: www.greecebirdtours.gr; Hellenic Ornithological Society: www.ornithologiki.gr; Greek News Agenda: Bird Watching in Antikythira

Bird watching in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     Enjoy bird watching tours in some of Greece’s 13 National Parks, 10 Ramsar Wetlands, 239 “Natura 2000” sites and 196 Bird Areas. If you want to extend your bird list and get pleasure from rare Mediteranean species, Mesologi Lagoons, an immense Ramsar Protected Area of 15.000 hectares, offer a unique birdwatching experience. Bird watching tours in Greece: www.greecebirdtours.gr; Hellenic Ornithological Society: www.ornithologiki.gr