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Immigration Policy:Interview of Giorgos Tsarbopoulos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) In an interview with a Greek daily (Ta Nea), Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, head of the Greek branch of United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) comments on the government’s decision to overhaul Greece’s migration policy.
Tsarbopoulos admits that the draft law on granting citizenship to immigrants is a positive initiative but needs to be supplemented.
He says that naturalisation should be the first step within a broader social integration policy. Similarly, asylum policy needs to be enhanced by a well organised hospitality and welfare safety net.
What is important about the new asylum policy is that it disassociates itself from the police and that a new independent body is created to address the issue.
UNHCR recognises that within the European Union, the Dublin II Regulation has placed a disproportionate burden on Greece and advises other EU countries not to send back asylum seekers when their reception is deemed precarious. 
Greek News Agenda: UN Refugees High Commissioner in Athens & A Joint Letter on Immigration; UNHCR: 2010 Regional Operations Profile – Greece

Athens Digital Week

Digital Athens(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The City of Athens is organising Athens Digital Week for the second successive year at the Technopolis venue, from October 14 to 18. The organisers promise to young and old visitors alike the opportunity to live an unforgettable interactive experience through the 9 thematics of this year’s event: gaming, robotics, space, digital music, open source, visual art, social networking, telecoms, and modding.  The latter term is derived from the verb “modify,” referring to the act of modifying a piece of hardware or software or anything else, to perform a function not originally conceived or intended by the designer.

Η Ελλάδα στον Κόσμο με την ERTworld

(ERT SA) Το Δορυφορικό Πρόγραμμα της ΕΡΤworld εκπέμπει όλο το 24ωρο και μεταδίδεται με ελεύθερη λήψη δορυφορικά σε όλο τον κόσμο. Στην Ευρώπη, στη Βόρειο Αμερική, τη Νότιο Αφρική και την Αυστραλία, το σήμα της ΕΡΤworld μεταδίδεται και συνδρομητικά.  Επίσης, η ΕRΤ world συνδέεται σε συνεργασία με μεγάλα «μπουκέτα» καλωδιακών συστημάτων, στα οποία συμμετέχουν τα μεγαλύτερα τηλεοπτικά κανάλια της Ευρώπης, με το Βέλγιο, την Ομοσπονδιακή Γερμανία, την Ελβετία, την Αυστρία, την Ολλανδία, τη Σουηδία και τη Δανία. Continue reading