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Better Late Than Never

Nisyros(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Kathimerini daily hosts a news item on the story of a British woman who received a postcard from the Greek island of Nisyros, 22 years after her niece had mailed the postcard, during a trip to the Dodecanese. “Wendy Bosworth said she was astounded when the postcard, slightly scuffed and enclosed in a sealed bag, dropped onto her doormat earlier this week.  The postcard said how the island was not affected by tourism and how the sea was beautiful and the people were very friendly, said the retired bookkeeper. She added that her niece, now a government official working in Uganda, had been amazed on hearing the news. She said, I wondered why you never said thank you, Bosworth quipped.”

Geothermal Energy in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Ministry of Development supports large scale investments in green power to cover the energy needs of specific islands whose environment favours the implementation of renewables. A current scheme soon to be implemented capitalises on geothermal energy, using the heat in the earth’s interior. The islands included in the project are Milos, Nisyros, Lesbos, Chios, Samothraki and Santorini. Especially in the case of Milos and Nisyros, the steam or geothermal liquid springing from the surface can reach 350 degrees Celsius. Centre for Renewable Energy sources: Geothermal Energy; Ministry of Development: Renewable Sources of Energy (in Greek)