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Gaza Crisis

The Foreign Ministry has issued a statement this morning, saying that it has activated its Crisis Management Unit upon learning that Israeli armed forces had blocked the course of and seized vessels transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Citizens with family or friends participating in the mission “ Ship to Gaza” can call the contact number +30 210 368 1730. 
It is Greece’s longstanding position that any activities undertaken by non-governmental organizations must go unhindered, provided that they are legal, is mentioned in the statement.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Crisis Management Unit activated regarding the humanitarian aid transport operation in Gaza & Greek News Agenda: Greece sends aid shipment to Gaza in 2009


Greece: Reliable Ally in EU Security

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis inspected the Hellenic Navy frigate “Psara,” on Monday April 13 , docked at Salamina, and expressed his satisfaction over the crew’s efficiency and seamanship, as the vessel recently headed a European Union mission against piracy in the sea region off Somalia. He added that “the Greek frigate ‘Psara’ is the first leading vessel of the first purely European naval formation that operates in the history of the EU, in the framework of common European Security and Defence Policy, operation “Atalanta.”  “Greece steadfastly pursues the strengthening of all the pillars of the European edifice. We want a Europe with a unified and strong voice in international issues, as well as an active role in international developments. It is in this direction that Greece took up its mission within the ‘Atlanta’ operation,” Karamanlis said.  EU European Security and Defence Policy: EU Naval operation against piracy