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The Art Collection of National Bank of Greece on Display

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The exhibition “Greek Artists from the National Bank Collection” opened recently at the National Art Gallery-Museum Alexandros Soutzos (www.nationalgallery.gr), and reflects the taste and mentality of a number of National Bank governors over the years. “Immediately after the bank’s founding in 1841, art played a major role: it was institutional, with the governors’ portraits, it was ideological, with the promotion of the war of independence – still recent at that time – and it was also a matter of aesthetics, “said National Gallery director Marina Lambraki-Plaka. Portraits welcome visitors, and some are originals, but there are also digital prints because it was difficult to transfer the originals from the halls of the National Bank. The collection comprises 2,500 works in total, 200 of which are on display at the Gallery. The paintings range from art by Nikiforos Lytras to Constntinos Volonakis and from Alexis Akrithakis to Costas Tsoclis. The exhibition runs until March 22, 2009.  Kathimerini daily: Artistic treasury goes on display; National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET): Collections 

Contemporary Art Exhibition in Athens

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    “Narrating” the story of one of Greece’s most important contemporary painters, Dimitris Mytaras, the B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music hosts an exhibition titled “Dimitris Mytaras, Narrating forms” which will be running through November 20.  Selective and representative large-scale paintings, dating from 1964 to 2008, reveal important aspects of Mytaras artistic evolution. His work expresses a circle of painful pursuits, revealing that the end might be hiding the starting point of everything. Thus, time functions as an endless compass, linking past to present.  Born in 1934, Mytaras’work is mainly inspired by the human figure, and a combination of naturalism and expressionism. In 2004, Mytaras was selected to create one of the official posters for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.  Athens Contemporary Art Map: www.athensartmap.net; National Museum of Contemporary Art: www.emst.gr; State Museum of Contemporary Art: www.greekstatemuseum.com  Secretariat General of Information: About Greece-Tracing the Artistic and Cultural Map in Contemporary Greece