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A Natural Wonder in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) waterfall1The waterfall of Trachoni or Livaditis in northeast Greece is a picturesque and almost mystical waterfall, as it is surrounded by myths and legends lost in the mists of time. In fact, there is a dispute over the name of the waterfall between two neighbouring municipalities: the residents of Paranesti Municipality in Drama Perfecture call it Thrachoni, while the residents of Stavroupoli Municipality of the adjacent Prefecture of Xanthi call it Livaditis.  Whatever the name is, Trahoni or Livaditis is a magnificent 40 meters high waterfall, the tallest one on the Rodopi Mountain Range in Thrace.  During the winter, when temperatures drop below zero, the landscape is spectacular with the waterfall turning into a huge ice sculpture.  You Tube: The Waterfall of Leivaditis-Xanthi-Greece