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European Central Bank on Greek Economy

european-central-bank3(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Addressing the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet predicted that “after two difficult years such as 2008 and 2009, 2010 will be the year of EU’s return to growth.”  Referring to the , Trichet pointed out that all parties comprising the eurozone should live up to their responsibilities adding that it is crucial to maintain discipline in macroeconomic policy-making. He further underlined the necessity to address structural inefficiencies leading to adverse implications in each country, including Greece. Commenting on the euro’s resilience, Trichet stressed that current monetary trends in all currencies are causing apprehension and it is not unusual for countries in the eurozone to diverge in terms of their economic indexes. A similar situation is reported among states in the USA. Earlier this week, European Commissioner responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Joaquin Almunia, dismissed concerns over the recourse to external supervising institutions. Visit the Statistical Press Releases issued by the European Central Bank

Έλληνες στο Εξωτερικό: Πώς θα ψηφίσετε στις Ευρωεκλογές

Ελληνικό Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών: Οι Έλληνες εκλογείς που διαμένουν μόνιμα ή θα βρίσκονται την ημέρα των ευρωεκλογών του Ιουνίου 2009 σε άλλα κράτη-μέλη της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, έχουν τη δυνατότητα να ασκήσουν το εκλογικό τους δικαίωμα στο έδαφος των χωρών αυτών. Για οδηγίες επισκεφτείτε τη σχετική σελίδα του Ελληνικού Υπουργείου Εσωτερικών, όπου δίνονται ακριβείς πληροφορίες σχετικά με τη διαδικασία που πρέπει να ακολουθηθεί. Επισημαίνεται η ύπαρξη προθεσμίας.
Ελληνικό Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών:  


Greece Answer to the International Finance Crisis

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Hellenic Parliament yesterday voted in favour of the €28 billion support package to shield the Greek banking sector. The concept behind government’s actions was to enhance the liquidity of the economy in response to the impact of the international financial crisis, using the banking system as a means to this end. Through the new law, funding is provided for economic growth, for boosting employment, small- and medium-sized enterprises and housing loans. Last week the European Union gave its approval, confirming the conformity of the draft with the respective European policy. After the European Commission’s green light, Finance Minister George Alogoskoufis carried out limited corrective changes to the bill, so as not to stir illicit competition between the banks of different countries. These changes are: Public guarantees can only last up to three years instead of five; the same reduction will be applied to public sector bonds. In addition, banks included in the €5 billion capital base support package will not be entitled to distribute dividends to their stockholders for as long as they partake in the plan. Ministry of Economy and Finance: The plan for enhancing liquidity in the Greek economy & The Draft Law & The Greek Economy at a glance ; Hellenic Bank Association: www.hba.gr European Commission: A quick guide to the EU’s response to the financial crisis 

Greece: A Joyful Anniversary

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The Hellenic Parliament held a special session on July to mark the 34th anniversary since democracy was restored to Greece after a seven-year dictatorship fell on July 24, 1974. During the “Third Hellenic Republic” political life had been normalised and democratic institutions consolidated. Nowdays, according to the 2007/8 UN Human Development report, Greece ranks 24th  among 177 countries. Parliament Speaker Dimitris Sioufas, representatives of the government and the political parties in Parliament paid homage to the people that had struggled against the junta rule, highlighting the fact that the Cyprus problem was still unsolved 34 years later and stressing the need for a just and viable solution. On the occasion, President of the Republic Karlolos Papoulias held the annual anniversary banquet. Athens News Agency: Restoration of Democracy anniversary ; BBC: Greek Military Rule Gives In to Democracy; Konstantinos Karamanlis Archive: The Restoration of Democracy, 1974-77

Nana Mouskouri’s Farewell Concerts in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The veteran singer Nana Mouskouri is in Athens this week for two farewell concerts today and tomorrow after of nearly half-a-century long career. The sold out concerts are taking place at the Herod Atticus Theatre as part of the Greek Festival. The concerts are also part of a tour which will take her to Australia, Asia, South America, the United States and Canada. From Manos Hatzidakis to Bob Dylan via jazz, gospels and so many more music genres, Mouskouri’ s distinctive voice has sold more than 300 million albums around the world. Besides music, Mouskouri was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1993, and the following year was elected a member of the European Parliament.

Foreign Minister Bakoyannis sent Condolences over Bronislaw Geremek Death

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY) Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis on Wednesday sent a message of condolences to her Polish counterpart Radoslaw Sikorski, expressing her deepest condolences over the death of Εurodeputy and former foreign minister Bronislaw Geremek. In a message, Bakoyannis also highlights the “leading role of Bronislaw Geremek in Poland’s political life as well as his contribution to his country’s NATO entry.”   Geremek, 76, a former foreign minister of Poland who helped the Solidarity trade union movement lead the nation’s transformation from communism to democracy, died on Sunday in a car accident near the city of Wielkopolska. (MORE PHOTOS) Continue reading