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In Europe for Help Dial “112”

(GREEK NEWS ADENDA)  How much do we know about “112″, European Union’s emergency phone number throughout the EU? Instead of searching for the national number when in emergency, any traveller circulating on EU territory can dial EU’s single “112” number. This number will not replace existing national emergency numbers and therefore, in most countries, including Greece, it operates alongside the existing national numbers. (“100” for Greece) In an attempt to raise EU citizens’ awareness concerning this service, the European Commission has established February 11  as European 112 Day. Recalling the difficulties in promoting the “112” service, Commissioner Reding in charge of the project commented that when she took up office, “it was said that 112 was EU’s best kept secret.”  You Tube: 112 – The single European emergency number


Greek Media Takeovers

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Greece’s second-biggest provider of web services Forthnet gained Naspers‘s Greek and Cypriot pay-TV unit NetMed NV, known for its subscriber satellite service Nova, for €490 million. Naspers is a multinational media company located in South Africa, with significant operations in Greece through NetMed. Forthnet S.A., was established in October 1995 by the Foundation for Technology and Research and Minoan Lines S.A. The company was listed on the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange in the year 2000. It was the first company to introduce the Internet in Greece and currently has a large portfolio of Internet services. Through this acquisition, Forthnet will be able to offer high-speed Internet, TV and phone services with nationwide coverage, while it turns into a considerable media company. Bloomberg: Naspers Plans Internet Purchases as Ad Growth Slows; Secretariat General of Information: About Greece, Telecommunications