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2009 Dedicated to the Poet Yiannis Ritsos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Yiannis Ritsos -together with Kostis Palamas, Giorgos Seferis, and Odysseus Elytis have marked contemporary Greek poetry- and has been among the country’s most widely translated poets. A prolific writer – many of his poems, like Epitaphios and Romiosyni were set to music by renowned composer Mikis Theodorakis. 
Born on May 1st, 1909 in Monemvasia, Lakonia, to landowners, Yiannis Ritsos was often persecuted for his left-wing politics. That combined with the tribulations of his personal and family life (death of his mother and elder brother, his father’s commitment to a mental institution, his own struggle with tuberculosis since 1926) inspired his poetry and led him to receive many distinctions in Greece and abroad. He was awarded the Lenin Prize for Peace in 1977 and the 1956 State Poetry Award for his work “Moonlight Sonata” and was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature in 1968. He died on November 11, 1990.

♦ Marking the Centenary of the Poet’s Birth

In order to bolster research and disseminate the work of Greek authors and bring them closer to the general public, the Ministry of Culture and the National Book Centre of Greece (EKEBI) launched, some years ago, the initiative of commemorating one literary figure every year. This year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yiannis Ritsos the two institutions have planned a series of commemorative events such as the publication of a special volume dedicated to the life and work of the poet, the creation of a special website with extensive information on the poet, the preparation of a mobile exhibition which will travel around Greece and abroad, as well as the release of 12 commemorative telephone cards in collaboration with Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE). Also, since March 21, EKEBI has released a series of small-size posters on the Athens tram and metro.

Monemvasia to Honour Poet

A much-anticipated exhibition to take place at the medieval fortress of Monemvasia this summer will mark one of the artist’s lesser known talents. “Ritsos the Artist” will be inaugurated by the French ambassador in Greece, Christophe Farnaud, on July 4 at the restored Agios Nikolaos Church, once the elementary school where Ritsos studied. Apart from some personal items, the show will mainly consist of watercolours, ceramics, and reed roots painted by Ritsos. Running through to August 4, the Ritsos exhibit is one of many events put together by the Monemvasia municipality and the show’s artistic director, composer Pigi Likoudi, to mark the centenary of Ritsos’ birth. [Programme of events in Monemvasia (in Greek)

Noc z Herbertem w Warszawy / Night with Herbert in Warsaw

Służewski Dom Kultury zaprasza serdecznie na „Noc z Herbertem” która odbędzie się 27. lipca o godz. 20:00 przy ul. J. S. Bacha 15. Bardzo duża część dzieła Poety poświęcona jest Grecji (wiersze, eseje, listy) – zachęcamy więc do obejrzenia spektaklu poetyckiego poświęconego kulturze helleńskiej. Grecja pojawi się w filmach, w koncercie muzycznym, tańcu. Zakończenie „Nocy z Herbertem” o 4 rano 28. lipca – dokładnie w dziesiątą rocznicę śmierci Autora „Labiryntu nad morzem”.  Dziękujemy za przybycie i wierzymy, że będziecie Państwo zadowoleni. Ewa Willmann – Dyrektor Służewskiego Domu Kultury Andrzej Jarski – reżyser. w.sdk.waw.pl                                            ENGLISH VERSION
Zbigniew Herbert (b. 1924) is one of Poland’s most outstanding post-war poets. In the poem an internal dialogue occurs between the poet and his conscience, or between the present and the past. We shall be pleased if You will be able to come to Służewski Dom Kultury the 27th of July at eight in the evening. Greece will be presented (films, theatre, music, dance, supper) and – we hope – our common “Night with Herbert” You will long remember. With kind regards and warm greeting! Ewa Willmann – Director Andrew Jarski – Author of the “Night”

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