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Papoulias re-elected President of the Republic

 Parliament on Wednesday re-elected the uncontested incumbent President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias to a second term in Greece’s highest office, with an overwhelming majority of 266 votes in the 300-member House among the 298 MPs in attendance, while 32 MPs simply declared their presence.
Papoulias was re-elected with the votes of the ruling Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), main opposition New Democracy (ND) and smaller opposition Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) parties’ MPs in a roll-call vote during a special session of the unicameral parliament.
 The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) MPs did not vote for the incumbent, but simply declared themselves present when called.
Papoulias is the sixth President of the Republic since the restoration of democracy in Greece in 1974, following Mihalis Stasinopoulos, Constantine Tsatsos, Constantine Karamanlis, Christos Sartzetakis and Costis Stephanopoulos.
 He will be sworn in for his second term on Friday, March 12 at noon.(Πηγή: ANA-MPA)


Propylaea Restoration Project Completed

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Ministry of Culture announced yesterday that the restoration project of Propylaea – the roof over the gateway to the Acropolis – has been completed.

After a seven-year project, all the scaffolding has been removed and now the visitor can admire the monument’s splendour.

The Propylaea were erected in 437-432 BC after the completion of the Parthenon, as part of the great Periklean building and were designed by the architect Mnesicles. A monument of the Doric order with few Ionic columns, Propylaea was a complex structure to conceive and assemble, and was clearly designed to make a lasting impression on the approaching visitor.
Greek News Agenda: A Historical Gateway

Admire the Propylaea after Restoration

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Propylaea, the 5th-century BC gateway to the Athens Acropolis has its own architectural significance and a long, stormy history that easily match that of the famous Parthenon. More than 16 years ago, a restoration project of the West Hall of the Propylaea began, and now visitors to the Acropolis can admire the structure, as the work is finally finished. Built by the architect Mnesicles beginning in 437 BC, the Propylaea’s construction was stopped five years later by the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. Mnesicles is remembered as an innovative designer, whose construction, although never completed, continues to impress with its combined Doric-Ionic style, multi-level arrangement and unique symmetry. The function of the Propylaea changed later on, and underwent several changes, structurally. Now, after the intervention by state-of-the-art techniques, more than 1,200 fragments have undergone meticulous examination and repair, the scaffolding has been removed, visitors may admire the fine Ionic ornament. Athens Plus: Propylaea begins to emerge from restoration  (p. 12)

Greece: A Joyful Anniversary

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The Hellenic Parliament held a special session on July to mark the 34th anniversary since democracy was restored to Greece after a seven-year dictatorship fell on July 24, 1974. During the “Third Hellenic Republic” political life had been normalised and democratic institutions consolidated. Nowdays, according to the 2007/8 UN Human Development report, Greece ranks 24th  among 177 countries. Parliament Speaker Dimitris Sioufas, representatives of the government and the political parties in Parliament paid homage to the people that had struggled against the junta rule, highlighting the fact that the Cyprus problem was still unsolved 34 years later and stressing the need for a just and viable solution. On the occasion, President of the Republic Karlolos Papoulias held the annual anniversary banquet. Athens News Agency: Restoration of Democracy anniversary ; BBC: Greek Military Rule Gives In to Democracy; Konstantinos Karamanlis Archive: The Restoration of Democracy, 1974-77