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PM George Papandreou at the World Economic Forum

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Speaking as part of a panel – that also included Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero and European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet – at the annual World Economic Forum taking place in Davos, Switzerland (January 27 -31), Prime Minister George Papandreou said that Greece would not leave the euro area and would use the discipline of membership to slash its budget deficit and make long-delayed structural economic reforms. “The answer is very simple. We went [to the market] for borrowing two days ago and we were five times oversubscribed. We’re not looking for money from anywhere else…” said Papandreou. He outlined an ambitious goal to reduce the deficit by four points this year and bring it below 3% by 2012, through measures taken as part of Greece’s Stability and Growth Programme (SGP)
The premier held a meeting with EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia yesterday, and the discussion focused on Greece’s SGP in light of the report that the European Commission will be submitting on February 3, on Greece. 
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso – speaking in Brussels on Thursday – stressed the need for the greater coordination of economic policies in the EU, emphasising that economic policies are not only a national issue, but European as well. Referring to Greece specifically, he expressed the conviction that the Greek government must be supported in its effort to fulfil its commitments in the framework of the SGP. 
See world reports – BBC.co.uk: Davos 2010: Greece denies a bail-out is needed; Reuters.com: Greece says being targeted as euro zone “weak link”

Costa-Gavras Lends Touch of Magic to Immigrant Tale

(www.minpress.gr / Reuters, 06.03.09) eden-is-west-2“Eden Is West”  Costa Gavras’ new film premiered as a noncompeting selection of the recent Berlin International Film Festival, showing a magical approach to Europe’s big immigration problem. Elias, the main character played by Riccardo Scamarcio, is an immigrant who arrives to a European shore and tries to go to Paris, his perceived paradise. On his ways he faces exploitation by the middle class but finds poor people lending him a helping hand.  The film has strong imagery and Costa-Gavras and co-scripter Jean-Claude Grumberg have tried to give to their hero an essence of the wandering Ulysses.   Costa Gavras has, in the past, been the winner of the foreign-language Oscar for his film “Z”, of Cannes Palme d’Or for the film “Missing” and of Berlin Golden Bear for the film “Music Box”. Read more…

Grecja w TVN24.pl: Grecka wojna… na mąkę

(TVN24.pl / Reuters) Potrzebne są tylko ochronne okulary, koniecznie nieodświętny strój, do tego odrobina odwagi i można wyruszyć na…. mączną wojnę. Nie obowiązują żadne reguły – kolorową mąką rzucają wszyscy do wszystkich. Taką niecodzienną rozrywkę urządzają sobie dwa razy w roku mieszkańcy greckiego miasta Galaxidi . (WIĘCEJ INFORMACJI I FILM VIDEO : http://www.tvn24.pl/-1,1541876,wiadomosc.html )