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12th Symi Symposium: Progressive Governance

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The 12th annual Symi Symposium is taking place on the island of Skiathos on July 12-16. Held under the aegis of the Andreas Papandreou Foundation, the Symi symposia bring together leading academics, entrepreneurs, politicians, religious leaders, diplomats, scientists, and activists to develop progressive policy solutions to global challenges. The first such symposium was held in 1998 on the island of Symi, which has lent its name to the event ever since. This year’s theme is ‘Putting People First – Progressive Governance for a Green Economy and a Just Society’. The aim is to explore the steps required to lay the foundations for stable economic growth, environmental protection and social cohesion.  This year’s invited participants include Columbia University Business School professor and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2001), Joseph Stiglitz, French Socialist Party’s former presidential candidate Segolene Royal, World Bank Vice President and Greenpeace International Executive Director, Gerd Leipold.


Athens: Social Democracy International Syposium

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Socialist International (SI) and PASOK party President George Papandreou addressed the International Athens Symposium  (May 12), titled “Social democracy and the challenges of the future. What will the progressive model for Europe be?” at the Athens Concert Hall.   In his speech, Papandreou stressed that the challenge for the European socialist parties today is the quality of democracy.  The goal should be to guarantee social rights, access to knowledge and green development. Prominent European politicians, including French socialist Segolene Royal, former Italian premier Massimo d’ Alema and former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez also attended the symposium.