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Visit Greece: Aegina Island

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Aegina, an island full of natural beauties and great history, lies in the Saronic Gulf, in close proximity to the port of Piraeus. Having served as the first capital of Greece (1827-1829), it houses several landmark buildings, such as the Government House. Time travel continues with the ancient temple of Aphaea (pictured), built in the northern part of the island in an area covered with pine trees, overlooking the sea.Under the proper weather conditions, the visitor has visual access to both Poseidon’s temple in Sounio and the Acropolis, the 3 temples forming an equilateral triangle. Furthermore, a visit to the Monastery of St Nektarios is highly recommended.


The Bible Enters Cyberspace

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Seventeen centuries after it was written, the Codex Sinaiticus, one of the world’s oldest copies of the Bible, catches up with the digital age this week. Written in the fourth century and discovered in Egypt – at the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine’s of Mount Sinai – in the 19th, it will enter cyberpsace today, July24, courtesy of the Leipzig University library in Germany. The Codex Sinaiticus Project is an international collaboration to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience for the first time. Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars, conservators and curators, the Project gives everyone the opportunity to connect directly with this famous manuscript.  Codex Sinaiticus Project: www.codex-sinaiticus.net; Telegraph.co.uk: Codex Sinaiticus, the world’s oldest Bible, goes online; Secretariat General of Information: Hellenic Culture Abroad – History, Literature & Music