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Noc z Herbertem w Warszawy / Night with Herbert in Warsaw

Służewski Dom Kultury zaprasza serdecznie na „Noc z Herbertem” która odbędzie się 27. lipca o godz. 20:00 przy ul. J. S. Bacha 15. Bardzo duża część dzieła Poety poświęcona jest Grecji (wiersze, eseje, listy) – zachęcamy więc do obejrzenia spektaklu poetyckiego poświęconego kulturze helleńskiej. Grecja pojawi się w filmach, w koncercie muzycznym, tańcu. Zakończenie „Nocy z Herbertem” o 4 rano 28. lipca – dokładnie w dziesiątą rocznicę śmierci Autora „Labiryntu nad morzem”.  Dziękujemy za przybycie i wierzymy, że będziecie Państwo zadowoleni. Ewa Willmann – Dyrektor Służewskiego Domu Kultury Andrzej Jarski – reżyser. w.sdk.waw.pl                                            ENGLISH VERSION
Zbigniew Herbert (b. 1924) is one of Poland’s most outstanding post-war poets. In the poem an internal dialogue occurs between the poet and his conscience, or between the present and the past. We shall be pleased if You will be able to come to Służewski Dom Kultury the 27th of July at eight in the evening. Greece will be presented (films, theatre, music, dance, supper) and – we hope – our common “Night with Herbert” You will long remember. With kind regards and warm greeting! Ewa Willmann – Director Andrew Jarski – Author of the “Night”

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Travelling through space and time in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Travelling through space and time, exploring oceans and active volcanoes, sightseeing around the planet billions of years ago, as well as other interactive experiences that bring science closer to society are available in research centres and museums all over Greece. The initiatives for communicating research and science are increasing, in number and variety, in Greece and the other European countries. Some important scientific attractions that Greeks can enjoy are the GAIA Centre for Environmental Research and Education at the Goulandris Natural History Museum (www.gnhm.gr), the Digital Planetarium at the Eugenides Foundation (www.eugenfound.edu.gr), “Tholos” the dome-shaped Virtual Reality “Theatre” of the Foundation of the Hellenic World (www.tholos254.gr), the Thessaloniki Science Centre and Technology Museum NOESIS (www.tmth.edu.gr) and the CretAquarium Thalassocosmos in Crete (www.cretaquarium.gr).

The Greek Culture Agenda

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)                                                    Visual Arts
World Press Photo 2008, at the Athens International Airport, untill June 2. The exhibition, featuring the winning images of the World Press Photo Contest, opens officially in Amsterdam and travels to over 80 cities around the globe by March 2009.
Greek Contemporary Art, at London’s Belgravia Gallery, to May 24. Organized for the second year by collector George Stathopoulos, the London show is hosting eight Greek contemporary artists: Stefanos Daskalakis, Chryssa Verghi, Maria Filopoulou, Daphne Angelidou, Alexia Veroucas, Irini Iliopoulou, Giorgos Golfinos and Erietta Vordoni.    Continue reading