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59 Latin Americans in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Following the visit of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Theodore Kassimis in Latin America two months ago, 59 children and teenagers of Greek origin, aged 13 to 25, from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile arrived in Athens on January 17. They were hosted by the Secretariat General for Greeks Abroad. 


Greek Think Tanks

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Theodore Couloumbis, Untying the Middle East Gordian Knot, RealClearWorld, December 2008. In an article appearing at Real Clear World, Athens University professor emeritus of international relations and vice-president at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (www.eliamep.gr), Theodore Couloumbis, together with coauthors Bill Ahlstrom and Gary Weaver reflect on the Middle East issue. Acknowledging the recent renewed interest in peace proposals, the authors begin by referring to the seeming intent of the new American Administration to engage anew in the negotiations process, however, not “without undercuts.” The authors argue that a solution of “two viable and mutually recognized states” is an advisable formula, the fruits of which, however, will not be reaped unless its use is combined with normalization of relations with other direct and indirect actors implicated. Once the territorial issues are resolved, the groundwork to consolidate prosperity in the region in the way Europe achieved it after WWII will have been laid. ELIAMEP Blogs: Theodore A. Couloumbis’s Recent Articles More Hellenic Opinion Articles, Papers and Sources: Greece – Media Info: Major Think Tanks