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Treasures from Medieval Halkis

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    A unique collection of Venetian medieval jewelry from Halkis is going to be presented for the first time before a scientific audience, on January 27 at the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The collection – the largest part of which belongs to the British Museum since the 19th century and smaller one to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford – is to be presented at a lecture titled “A medieval jewelry treasure from Halkis in context.”  The presentation of the collection as well as its further study and publication will contribute to a better understanding and re-creation of life in the cosmopolitan Venetian fortress town of Halkis before its capture by the Ottomans in 1470.


A Tribute to Greek Sculptor Zongolopoulos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   zongolopoulos2-smFour years after his demise, a retrospective on the work of George Zongolopoulos (1903-2004) is being hosted at the Athens Concert Hall. The display features sculptures, drawings as well as sketches for sculptures. A tribute to the sculptor is also displayed at the Athens International Airport until January 31, 2009, where sculptures and photographic material of the artist adorn interior and exterior spaces of the airport. His trademark sculpture, the “Umbrellas,” was first showcased at the Venice Biennale in 1993 and later on at the Council of the European Union in Brussels. In 1997, it was transferred to Thessaloniki which was about to take over as European Capital of Culture. Secretariat General of Information: About Greece-Tracing the Artistic and Cultural Map in Contemporary Greece  Visit the National Sculpture Gallery: National Glyptotheque; National Museum of Contemporary Art: www.emst.gr; The State Museum of Contemporary Art: www.greekstatemuseum.com; Athens Contemporary Art Map: www.athensartmap.net   Continue reading

Athens by Sound

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Athens by Sound (www.athensbysound.gr) is the national participation of Greece in the 11th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, with general theme: “Out there. Architecture beyond building” held September 13 to November 23, 2008 (Preview Programme) The Greek participation has chosen to focus on the sound of the city, so as to bring forth the non-visual qualities of space. The aim is to transform the Greek Pavilion into an interactive experience that results in a sonic mapping of Athens – the ultimate metropolis of Greece. Through this interactive installation, the curators address the multi-dimensional nature of our relationship with the city and its people in our everyday experience, which involves the sum of our senses. Curators: Anastasia Karandinou, Christina Achtypi, Stylianos Giamarelos

Greek Mythology Revived

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     A replica of the legendary ship “Argo” which, in ancient mythology carried Jason and his Argonauts to recover the Golden Fleece from Colchis, (now city of Poti, on Georgia’s Black Sea coast) received a joyful send-off in the port of Volos (contemporary name of Iolkos, the original departure point) on June 14. With the help of its 50 oarsmen, it set sail for its journey to Venice where, after travelling some 10-15 nautical miles per day, it was expected to arrive on August 12. The modern ‘Argo’ is a reconstruction of an ancient Greek ‘penteconter’ with a ram, a single tier of oarsmen, and a single sail made of half-cured wood cut from forest timber. It belongs to the same family of Homer’s long ships and later ram-equipped warships of antiquity. The modern ‘Argo’ took over six years to complete, with the use of Bronze Age tools only. On its way to Venice, the ‘Argo’ will stop at 37 ports. During many of these stops, its arrival will be marked by various cultural events. The ‘Argo’ flies the flags of the countries it will visit: Greece, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. World Media Reports – Google: Ancient Greek ship ‘Argo’ sets sail once again 

Venice meets Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   An intriguing series of events is hosted by the Italian Embassy in Athens under the main theme of “Venice meets Greece.” The events are seen as an attempt to familiarise Greeks with the Venetian culture and the bonds established between the former city-state and the islands of the Aegean Sea, during the years of the Venetian Rule. Within the framework of the “Venice meets Greece” events, inaugurated by the Venice-born Ambassador to Athens Gianpaolo Scarante, a visual arts exhibition on Perulli’s “Cupolas of the East: From Venice to Byzantine” is now open at the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens (in Greek). Greco Venetian relations during the Venetian Rule’s times is a research field mastered by the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies situated in Venice. Visit its website at www.istitutoellenico.org