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Greek Lake Districts

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Whilst Greece is mostly known for its wonderful seaside, it also has remarkable places near lakes. Start off in one of the most beautiful wetland areas in Europe: Prespes. Two lakes covering thousands of hectares and situated high up at an altitude of over 800 meters are a paradise for nature-lovers. Next stop Kastoria: a historic town, built on a peninsula in the beautiful lake Orestiada, surrounded by mountains, a different experience altogether! Further east stop in Edessa, to see the waterfall park in the middle of the town. Final destination: the Lake Kerkini, nestled between two separate mountain ranges, one of the few examples of a man-made intervention that has become a great ecological success. It now serves as a safe haven for 227 species of birds and is a paradise for bird-watchers.  Places to Stay: www.yourgreece.gr; More info on Greek lakes: www.visitgreece.gr