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Must See in Greece: Antikythira

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  AntikythiraEither for scientific purposes or sheer fun, bird-watching can be intriguing and can renew one’s contact with nature. Assisted by the Hellenic Ornithological Society (www.ornithologiki.gr), the Antikythira Bird Observatory offers a chance for population monitoring of the large birds of prey (buzzards, harriers, eagles etc) that pass through the Peloponnese and Crete, but also for the study of small birds’ migration by direct observation or ringing. The island of Antikythira qualifies as an ideal site for the study of bird migration in Greece, being one of the few areas where one can so easily identify a great number of bird species. Birdwatching tours: http://www.greecebirdtours.gr; Birding in Greece: greekbirding.blogspot.com; Agrotravel.gr, Greece from a different and exciting perspective: Birds Sanctuaries; Kythira; Kythira Island: http://www.kythera.gr


Bird watching in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     Enjoy bird watching tours in some of Greece’s 13 National Parks, 10 Ramsar Wetlands, 239 “Natura 2000” sites and 196 Bird Areas. If you want to extend your bird list and get pleasure from rare Mediteranean species, Mesologi Lagoons, an immense Ramsar Protected Area of 15.000 hectares, offer a unique birdwatching experience. Bird watching tours in Greece: www.greecebirdtours.gr; Hellenic Ornithological Society: www.ornithologiki.gr