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Hellenic film Renaissance is Underway

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  According a recent Variety article by Will Tizard (Greek films grab more market share, 6.11.2008), a Hellenic film renaissance is underway: Greek features like “El Greco”, “Little Godfather” and “Wedding Party” are gaining larger audiences in Greece and world sales rights are better than ever. Films picked up by foreign distributors include hits El Greco and Little Godfather, but also arthouse films like “Tale 52” and “Correction“. The Greek Film Centre (www.gfc.gr) finances film productions and ensures favourable conditions for film making, promotes and supports film distribution in commercial circuits, organises retrospectives and film-weeks abroad, participates in festivals, hosts seminars aimed at providing professional training, awards scholarships and conducts research on Greek cinema. Greece has always had a long and spectacular love affair with the international film making community. Since 1974, the Greek Film Centre supports the production and promotion of Greek films and fosters the participation of Greek producers in foreign productions. in this context, the Hellenic Film Commission Office (www.hfco.gr) provides every possible service for filming in Greece.