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Greece in Warsaw – Tydzien Kultury Grekow Polskich (2-8 June 2012)

Po raz pierwszy w Polsce organizowany jest Tydzień Kultury Greków Polskich.
Organizowany dzięki współpracy Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, Instytutu Muzyki i Tańca z Fundacją Europejski Instytut Naukowy, Inner Space Production i Galerią Freta, pod honorowym patronatem Ambasady Grecjii w Polsce.  
W czasie trwania Festiwalu zaakcentowane będą wszelkie aspekty kultury Greków Polskich: muzyczne, filozoficzne, teatralne…prezentując możliwie szeroki zakres tej bogatej kultury.
W programie:
2.06.2012 sobota
  16:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  18:00 Wernisaże: malarstwa:  Michalis Chrisoulidis  Rzeźby:  Christos Mandzios  Fotografiki:  Kostas Kawardzis
  19:00 Projekcja filmów Atheny Savidis
  20:00 Koncert zespołu EDESEA
  22:00 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

3.06.2012 niedziela
  16:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  19:00 Projekcja filmów Atheny Savidis
  20:00 Koncert Los Grekos z Kateriną Padias
  22:00 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

4.06.2012 poniedziałek
  16:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  17:00 Projekcja filmów Atheny Sawidis
  18:00 Dionisios Sturis (TokFm) Dyskusja o aktualnej sytuacji Grecji
  20:00 Koncert zespołu KROKE z Mają Sikorowską
  22:00 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

5.06.2012 wtorek
  18:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  18:00 Projekcja filmów Atheny Savidis
  19:00 Wieczór autorski Iliasa Vrazasa
  20:00 Koncert: Jorgos Skolias: Sefardic Trio
  21:30 Koncert “Grupa w Składzie:”
  22:30 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

6.06.2012 środa
  18:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  18:00 Projekcja filmów Atheny Savidis
  19:00 Spektakl teatralny:,,Obrona Sokratesa”Platona  Grupiński, Anthimos, Kurtis
  21:00 Koncert zespołu Aris Tribe
  22:30 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

7.06.2012 czwartek
  16:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  17:00 Muzyka bizantyjska w wyk. Chóru Prawosławnej Katedry Metropolitalnej p/w Św Marii Magdaleny pod dyr Sergiusza Bowtruczuka
  17:45 Koncert Iliasa Vrazasa-poezja śpiewana
  20:00 Koncert Apostolis Anthimos Trio
  22:30 Zabawa grecka przy muzyce na żywo

8.06.2012 piątek
  16:00 Warsztat tańca greckiego
  18:00 Mecz otwarcia ME 2012 Polska-Grecja
  20:30 Koncert Naxos Quintet
  22:00 Koncert zespołu Olympos
  22:00 Taniec absolwentów warsztatów przy muzyce na żywo
  Pokaz tańców greckich w strojach regionalnych przy muzyce na żywo
Galeria Freta, ul. Freta 39, Nowe Miasto


“The Balkans – Europe goes South-East” (Warsaw, 2-4, 8/12/2011) – Film “Reverse” of the Greek director George Grigorakis

The Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw invites to
“The Balkans – Europe goes South-East”, a week of events focusing on South-Eastern Europe
Musical performances, films, literature and a conference on politics, 
organised by the Embassies and Cultural Institutes of the Balkan countries and Austria, among them, also, the Press Office of the Greek Embassy.
As the accession treaty with Croatia will be signed during the last days of the Polish EU Presidency, the events aim to show what South Eastern Europe has to offer.

On Saturday, 3rd December, at 5 pm,
during the screening of short films from South-East Europe, the film “Reverse” of Greek director George Grigorakis (2010, 19 min., feature) will be projected in Klub Powiekszenie (ul. Nowy Swiat 27).
The film, a production of the Sarajevo Film Festival, has been distinguished with two awards in the Drama Festival.
The plot:
Marco wants to teach his son how to protect himself, while his son wants his Mom back. His lover wants to protect herself and her son, Adis, knows how to do it! Marco is caught in a situation, where he is unable to protect himself or his son. Words and actions work in reverse.

The programme of the events:

Organizers, partners, sponsors:

Kedzierzawska, Lechki win awards at Thessaloniki Film Festival

Poland’s film director Dorota Kedzierzawska was granted the honorary Golden Alexander award for lifetime achievements at the 51st Thessaloniki International Film Festival that ended on Sunday.
Marek Lechki won the Best Screenplay Award for “Erratum”, the film he also directed and produced.
On show during the festival were Kedzierzawska’s films “I am”, “Devils, Devils” and “Time to Die”. The films illustrate the Polish director’s original, outstanding style and her compassion for the people she portrays and profound respect she has for their choices, festival organizers wrote.
The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is a top film festival of South Eastern Europe. Founded in 1960 as the Week of Greek Cinema, it became international in 1992.
(Polish Press Agency)

Athens Digital Week

Digital Athens(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The City of Athens is organising Athens Digital Week for the second successive year at the Technopolis venue, from October 14 to 18. The organisers promise to young and old visitors alike the opportunity to live an unforgettable interactive experience through the 9 thematics of this year’s event: gaming, robotics, space, digital music, open source, visual art, social networking, telecoms, and modding.  The latter term is derived from the verb “modify,” referring to the act of modifying a piece of hardware or software or anything else, to perform a function not originally conceived or intended by the designer.

Greece: Leaving the Car at Home

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Public transportation will be free for one day on Tuesday, September 22 as part of the celebration of European Mobility Week (Sept. 16-22).

Motorists are invited to leave their cars at home, use public transport and become acquainted with the new upgraded services offered in big cities.  Apart from events scheduled in Athens, Thessaloniki will also host a bicycle race, starting at 18.00 on the same day at Aristotelous Square.   Marking its 8th edition, European Mobility Week consists of a campaign promoting sustainable transportation. The idea behind the campaign is to raise public awareness of the need to act against pollution and deterioration of urban quality of life.   The European Mobility Week started in the European Union in 2002 with the support of the European Commission and its Directorate General for the Environment. Since then the campaign has been open to every European city willing to participate.   European Mobility Weekwww.oasa.gr