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Poems on the Underground – Greek contemporary poetry

The Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw promotes the contemporary poetry of Greece and participates to   “Poems on the Underground” events (6-30 September 2010).
“Poems on the Underground” (Wiersze w Metrze) has been inspired by other similar projects  in many cities: Dublin, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Stockholm, Stuttgard and Moscow, organised for the first time in London in 1986.
Wiersze w Metrze promotes contemporary European poetry in public city spaces, through happenings, haiku competition, poetry city game and a performing poetry festival.
Many cultural institutes and embassies participate to the project, which takes place under the auspices of the the mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.
Greek contemporary poetry will be represented by two acclaimed poets, Kiki Dimoula and Nasos Vagenas.
Kiki Dimoula has recently been awarded the European Literature Prize for 2010. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and many other languages.
Dimoula’s poetry is haunted by the existential dissolution of the post-world era. Her central themes are hopelessness, insecurity, absence and oblivion. Using diverse subjects and twisting grammar in unconventional ways, she accentuates the power of the words through astonishment and surprise, but always manages to retain a sense of hope.
Nasos Vagenas, professor of Theory and Critique of Literature in the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens, in 2005 was awarded with the State Poetry Prize for his poetic collection ‘Stefanos’.
His poetic work includes the books: ‘Field of Mars’, ‘Biography’, ‘Roxani’s Knees’, ‘Wandering of a non-traveller’, ‘The Fall of the Flying’, ‘Barbarous Odes’ , ‘The Fall of the Flying B’, ‘Dark Ballads and Other Poems’, ‘Stefanos’.
His poetry has been translated into English, German, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Serbian.
Two poems of Kiki Dimoula and Nasos Vagenas have been translated in polish language for “Wiersze w Metrze” by the professors and students of the Department of Greek Studies of the University of Warsaw (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies “Artes Liberales”).


Grecja / „V Spoke’n’Word Festival” – Greece / “V Spoke’n’Word Festival”

GREEK POET ROUVALIS  /  “V Spoke’n’Word Festival”

GREEK POET ROUVALIS / “V Spoke’n’Word Festival”

Grecki pisarz i dziennikarz Vassilis Rouvalis uczestniczył w V Festiwalu w Warszawie (9 & 10 października), czyli imprezie, która stwarza poetom z Europy możliwość zaprezentowania swoich dzieł polskiej publiczności. Wiele Instytutów Kultury oraz Ambasad – wśród nich Biuro Prasowe Ambasady Grecji – uczestniczyło w Festiwalu, który stanowi część szerszego projektu europejskiego „Wierzse w metrze”
Poza Vassilis’em Rouvalis’em w Festiwalu uczestniczyli również poeci z Wielkiej Brytanii, Irlandii, Danii, Rosji oraz Portugalii.

Greece / “V Spoke’n’Word Festival”

Greek poet and journalist Vassilis Rouvalis took part in the V Spoke’n’Word Festival in Warsaw (October 9th and 10th), a poetry event that gives the opportunity to poets from around Europe to perform live in front of an audience. Many Institutes of Culture and Embassies –including the Greek Press and Communication Office in Warsaw – participated in 2009 edition of Spoke’n’Word Festival, part of the «Poems on the Underground» project http://www.wierszewmetrze.eu/2009/index.php?id=155.
Performers from United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Russia and Portugal featured also the poetry Festival.