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Latsis Awards in Geneva

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The awardees of the 2009 “Fondation Latsis Internationale” Prize are Zurich Federal Institute of Technology Professor Haralambos Anastasiou, Lausanne Polytechnic School Dr Elie Bou Zeid, Geneva University Dr Reto Schumacher and St.Gallen University Professor Frederic Thiesse.

The “Fondation Latsis Internationale” is a charitable organisation, established in 1975 by the Latsis family in Geneva.  The Foundation currently awards four University Prizes, worth 25,000 Swiss francs each, (awarded to the above mentioned scientists) as well as a National and a European Latsis Prize of 100,000 Swiss francs each.  The purpose of the “Fondation Latsis Internationale” award is to distinguish scientific work of particular excellence.During the award ceremony, Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi delivered a lecture on contemporary architecture.