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Events during the European Football Championship – Participation of the Press Office

On the occasion of the European Football Championship “EURO 2012”, organized in Poland and Ukraine from 8th June until 1st July, the Press Office participated in several events.  

  • “Cultural Week of Greeks in Poland” (Warsaw. 2-8 June 2012) 
    The events, that took place at “Galleria Freta” in the historical center of Warsaw, were organized by the musician of Greek origin Milo Kurtis and under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw.
    They included concerts, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs, films, classes of Greek dances, a theater performance, a debate on Greece`s current affairs, gastronomy etc.
    Several musicians, such as Milo Kurtis and “Naxos Quintet”, Kostas Georgiadis and the group “Edesea”, Apostolis Anthimos, Jorgos Skolias and “Sefardic Trio”, Maja Sikorowska, the group ‘Olympus’, several artists, such as the sculptor Christos Mandzios, the painter Michalis Chrisoulidis and the photographer Kostas Kawardzis, the film director Athena Savidis, the journalist Dionysios Sturis, the philosopher and musician Ilias Vrazas, the byzantine choir of the orthodox church of St. Mary Magdalene in Warsaw, were among those who have performed during the cultural week. 
  • Greek Embassy`s event in honour of the Greek National Football Team (Warsaw, 9 June 2012) 
    Representatives of business, academic and artistic sectors of Greeks in Poland, Polish academics, journalists and representatives of Polish authorities, Greek journalists covering the participation of the Greek football team in “Euro 2012”, the General Secretary of Sports, Panos Bitsaxis, were among the participants. 
  • Celebrations of Legionowo City hosting the Greek National Football Team (Legionowo, 2 June 2012)
    A ceremony during which the official city-keys of Legionowo were handed over to the charge d`affaires of the Greek Embassy, Stavros Spyridakis. 
  • Polish Railways’ promotion of European countries during the Football Championship and for six months afterwards (May – December 2012)
    For the promotion of the European Football Championship in 20 trains, Polish Railways have painted 16 of them in the colours of European countries` flags. On the 19th of May there was a parade of 5 trains painted with the colours of Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and Russian flags on a central bridge of  Warsaw. 
    The Press Office collaborated with representatives of the Polish Railways (PKP) in order to present the Greek flag on a Polish train. 
  • “Fan`s Dictionary” for the volunteers` communication during the European Football Championship
    The dictionary includes common phrases in major European languages and was issued in cooperation with the UEFA, the EUNIC Cluster Warsaw (EU National Institutes for Culture) and the French Institute in Warsaw. The Press Office translated the leaflet into Greek language. 

Ελληνική Γαστρονομία και Οινοποιία

Η δημοσιογράφος Anna Smolec, στο blog της flirtzwinem.blogspot.com που ειδικεύεται στη γαστρονομία, την οινοποιία και τα ταξίδια, δημοσιεύει αφιέρωμα στην ελληνική γαστρονομία, με τίτλο «Τα γαστρονομικά πελοποννησιακά μυστήρια, δηλαδή ελληνικές γεύσεις», στο οποίο αναφέρεται στις ποικιλίες των ελληνικών κρασιών και τα κύρια εδέσματα της ελληνικής κουζίνας, τονίζοντας ότι «η ελληνική κουζίνα είναι απλή, υγιεινή, πολύχρωμη και ηλιόλουστη». Το πλήρες κείμενο μπορεί να αναζητηθεί στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση: http://flirtzwinem.blogspot.com/2011/06/kulinarne-misteria-peloponeskie-czyli.html

Dziennikarka Anna Smolec,  na blogu flirtzwinem.blogspot.com, specjalizującym się w gastronomii, winiarstwie i turystyce, publikuje opracowanie poświęcone greckim winom i potrawom pod tytułem “KULINARNE MISTERIA PELOPONESKIE czyli GRECKIE SMAKI”, w którym zostały opisane najważniejsze gatunki win greckich oraz główne dania kuchnii greckiej. Autorka podkreśla,  że “Kuchnia grecka jest to kuchnia zdrowa, smaczna, wielobarwna, po prostu słoneczna. ”
Pełny tekst dostępny jest pod adresem elektronicznym: http://flirtzwinem.blogspot.com/2011/06/kulinarne-misteria-peloponeskie-czyli.html

Kerasma – Athens on a Plate

GREEK-FOODGREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Athens is a gastronomic city, on the one hand shaped by the pride of local chefs and entrepreneurs who have breathed new life into every level of Greek cuisine, and on the other, influenced by the waves of immigrants who have opened up shops in and around the city’s historic commercial centre, so that now, one may shop for kafir lime leaves alongside Kalamata olives.  Kerasma – Food and Travel – Athens on a Plate