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“European Day of Languages 2012” (Warsaw, 24-29/9/2012)-Events of the Press Office (24-25 & 29/9/2012)

The Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw participates in “European Day of Languages” events, that will take place in Warsaw (24- 29 September 2012).
Various events will be open to the public, including screenings of films, such as “Diolkos – for 1.500 years” (25 September, 13.00 p.m, Russian Cultural Institute, RONIK). 
A special stand promoting Greek tourism 
will provide information and material at the University campus of the Old Library  on the 25th of September.
A demo-lesson of Greek language is, also, included in the programme on the 25th September.
Finally the Greek language will be promoted through the city game organised on the 29th September.
26 Cultural Institutes and Embassies of European countries, the European Commission (Representation in Poland), FRSE, the University of Warsaw, the Municipality of Warsaw, the Polish Ministries of Culture and Education take part in this year`s project.
“European Day of Languages” events include an  international conference on ”ICT and Social Media in Language Education”, city game, language picnic, theatre workshops etc..
For more information about the programme of “European Days of Languages 2012″: www.edj.waw.pl

“True Greece”- GNTO initiative promoting image of Greece as an ideal tourism destination

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (G.N.T.O), within its framework of initiatives introduces today

a new tool designed to reverse the current climate and downward trend that is impacting the country’s tourism industry in the international travel market.
More specifically, the G.N.T.O. in cooperation with the interim government’s leadership of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism, representatives of the travel industry, and other officials, set forth to integrate a new web-based platform into the existing current promotional campaign aiming to promote the positive aspects of Greece as a tourist destination.
The Internet and social media applications are already being used very successfully by the G.N.T.O to post news and to communicate the tourism “brand added value” of  Greece. The Internet-based initiative aims to further promote the positive publicity of Greece as a tourist destination on the Internet, utilizing effectively social media platform network externalities. On this basis, it was considered necessary to develop an online reputation management mechanism and brand monitoring mechanism to oversee and manage the comments, opinions and observations made about Greece as a tourist destination.

The initiatives’ key priorities are:
a. The promotion and communication of key elements and competitive advantages of the Greek tourism product
b. The promotion and dissemination (through social media) of positive messages/opinions that visitors have about their experiences (via video spots, web testimonials, reviews, posts, tweets)

 The aforementioned initiative will focus on three key subject areas:
1.  Business as usual
2. Value For Money/Affordability
3. Safety

The initiative is already being supported by a series of government agencies including Greek Radio Television S.A., the Athens News Agency and the Hellenic Foreign Ministry. The agencies will be assisting the effort by tracking and gathering news and other related material as well as working with local, national and international media outlets.
To join the effort as a true supporter and to send news and information about Greeceas a tourist destination found on the Internet, please contact the team at the GNTO at visitgreece@gnto.gr

“Greece is Changing” campaign

Greece is Changing, is a campaign launched through international media, in four languages, English, French, German and Dutch, aiming to bring to the attention of a wider international audience, through a series of graphs and compact information, the changes initiated in Greece in the last two years.
It is a one-off public service initiative funded by a group of leading Greek business people, whose aim is to ensure that the sacrifices made by every Greek under the toughest austerity package in modern history, are not in vain.

“Πολιτισμός, εθνική εικόνα και οικονομική κρίση” (Εκδήλωση ΕΝΑΤ, 28/2/2012)

Η Ένωση Ακολούθων Τύπου (ΕΝΑΤ) διοργανώνει συζήτηση με θέμα:
·         Ομιλητές:
Μαρίνα Λαμπράκη Πλάκα, Ομ. Καθηγήτρια Ιστορίας της Τέχνης, Διευθύντρια της Εθνικής Πινακοθήκης – Μουσείου Αλεξάνδρου Σούτσου,
·         Ντίνος Σιώτης, Δημοσιογράφος, Ποιητής,
·         Γιώργος Χουλιάρας, Σύμβουλος Επικοινωνίας, Ποιητής,
·         Έρση Σωτηροπούλου, συγγραφέας
·         Παρέμβαση: Γιάννης Μπακογιαννόπουλος – Κριτικός κινηματογράφου.
Τη συζήτηση θα συντονίσει ο πρόεδρος της Ένωσης Ακολούθων Τύπου, Κώστας Μαυροειδής
Η εκδήλωση θα λάβει χώρατην Τρίτη 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2012 και ώρα 13:00 – 15:00 στο
Κέντρο Τύπου της Γενικής Γραμματείας Ενημέρωσης – Επικοινωνίας, Φραγκούδη 11 & Αλεξ. Πάντου, Καλλιθέα (όπισθεν Παντείου)
Η Ένωση Ακολούθων Τύπου (ΕΝΑΤ), είναι ο σύλλογος των υπαλλήλων του Κλάδου Γραμματέων και Συμβούλων Επικοινωνίας της Γενικής Γραμματείας Επικοινωνίας – Ενημέρωσης, ο οποίος στελεχώνει τα Γραφεία Τύπου και Επικοινωνίας Εξωτερικού, με βασικές αρμοδιότητες τις σχέσεις με τα ΜΜΕ και την προβολή της εικόνας της Ελλάδας στο εξωτερικό. Η ΕΝΑΤ δημιούργησε το 2007, το «Forum Διεθνούς Επικοινωνιακής Πολιτικής» με σκοπό την ευαισθητοποίηση της ακαδημαϊκής κοινότητας, των ΜΜΕ και όλων των εμπλεκομένων φορέων, σχετικά με τη διεθνή επικοινωνιακή πολιτική της Ελλάδας αλλά και γενικότερα.  Περισσότερα στον ιστότοπο http://icp-forum.gr

2010: 34.000 Foreign Media News Items on Greek Crisis

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) together with the Association of Greek Press Attaches hosted a conference on Foreign Media and Greece’s country image in the economic crisis on May 31. 
According to statistical figures presented, in 2010 only, foreign media from 28 countries reported on the Greek economic crisis publishing 34,000 news items, which represents 60% of the total amount of news items on Greece altogether for the year.
Britain was the country with the most copious reports on Greece in general and the London Financial Times was the newspaper, which covered the economic crisis more frequently and extensively, at a global level.

Foreign Media and Greece`s Country Image in the Economic Crisis

On May 31, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) together with the Association of Greek Press Attaches is hosting a conference on Foreign Media and Greece’s country image in the economic crisis.
The event will be held at the premises of the Secretariat General of Information in Athens. The conference will be addressed by the General Director of the Greek Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) Yannis Stournaras, the General Director of the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Martin Knapp, journalist Maria Houkli, French media correspondent, Alexia Kefalas and Bodossakis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, George Tzogopoulos.

Akredytacja dla dziennikarzy – Światowe Igrzyska Olimpiad Specjalnych – Ateny 2011

Procedura akredytacji on-line na Światowe Igrzyska Olimpiad Specjalnych zostanie zakończona z końcem marca b.r. 

Światowe Igrzyska Olimpiad Specjalnych zostaną zorganizowane w Atenach w okresie 25 czerwiec – 4 lipca 2011.

Dziennikarze zainteresowani akredytacją proszeni są o wypełnienie aplikacji, dostępnej pod linkiem : https://apps.athens2011.org/athens2011_media/GamesFamilyModule/Register.aspx

Natomiast szczegółowe informacje na temat Letnich Międzynarodowych Igrzysk Olimpiad Specjalnych Ateny 2011 dostępne są na stronie internetowej:  www.athens2011.org